Hinchinbrook Island: Discover Australia's Largest Island National Park

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About Hinchinbrook Island

Welcome to Hinchinbrook Island, a captivating gem nestled within the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Renowned for its cloud-cloaked mountains, mysterious wetlands, and pristine beaches, Hinchinbrook Island is one of Australia’s largest National Park islands. Just a boat ride away from Cardwell, Hinchinbrook Cruises offers daily tours and transfers for hikers, allowing you to discover the island’s enchanting landscapes and vibrant wildlife.

World Heritage Scenery

Hinchinbrook Island National Park is within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. The island’s often cloud-covered mountains host a variety of vegetation, from rainforests to Australian native gums, which descend to mangrove-lined estuaries in the west and rocky headlands and sandy bays along the east coast. This diverse landscape attracts visitors from all over the world, making it a popular destination for hikers, fishermen, families, and photographers.

Must-do: Thorsborne Trail

Considered one of the best multi-day hikes in the world and top 10 in Australia, the Thorsborne Trail is a must-do for those who love hiking. The trail covers all the landscapes Hinchinbrook Island has to offer. Access to Hinchinbrook Island is by transfer operators or private vessel, launched from Cardwell or Lucinda. Commercial transfer operators, including Hinchinbrook Island Cruises, transport hikers to both ends of the Thorsborne Trail. Times of operation vary according to weather, tidal conditions, and time of year. Camping permits are required, and only a maximum of 40 people are allowed on the island for the hike at one time.

World Class Fishing

The estuaries of the Hinchinbrook Channel are home to world-class fishing. Particularly for favourite trophy and eating species such as barramundi, mangrove jacks, King salmon, and fingermark as well as trevally, queenfish, and many more. Whether it be casting the shallow channel flats or trolling the vast mangrove river and creek systems, the area has plenty to offer the avid fisherman.

Wildlife on Hinchinbrook

Hinchinbrook is home to more than 19 mammal, 32 reptile, and about 150 bird species. Visitors are guaranteed to encounter Hinchinbrook’s wildlife in some way during their stay. Around the island, a diverse marine habitat including mangroves, fringing reefs, and seagrass beds are also home to animals such as dolphins, dugongs, turtles, and estuarine crocodiles.

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Things to do on Hinchinbrook Island

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Uncover the Answers to Your Burning Questions About Hinchinbrook Island: An Exciting Guide for Curious Travellers

You can reach Hinchinbrook Island by private boat or commercial ferry from Cardwell or Lucinda. Many companies offer transfer services to transport visitors to either end of the Thorsborne Trail. These services depend on weather and tidal conditions throughout the year.

The Hinchinbrook Wilderness Lodge is no longer operating. However, the island offers several campsites for a unique wilderness experience. Camping permits are required and can be purchased through Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Alternatively, you can find accommodation on the mainland in Cardwell and Lucinda.

Hinchinbrook Island offers various walking trails through its dense rainforest, showcasing the diverse flora and fauna. The most well-known trail is the Thorsborne Trail, a 32 km trek recommended for experienced bushwalkers. Kayaking, fishing charters, houseboats, and charter vessels are also available to experience the island from the sea.

The best swimming beaches on Hinchinbrook Island can be found at North Shepherd, Macushla, and South Shepherd. However, please be cautious and read the signs and notices before entering the water, as marine stingers and crocodiles may be present in some bays.

Yes, Hinchinbrook Island is located in Far North Queensland off the coast of Cardwell and is set amongst the Great Barrier Reef. The island features diverse topography, including sandy beaches, dense mangroves, and eucalypt forests.